Behind the Blocks – Week 4

On Thursday I attended the weekly FAST sessions, however this week we were training at the Charnwood sporting ovals. This change of venue allowed us to train on a different terrain for usual perfectly manicured AIS grass. We started with the usual warm ups over 30 metres, which I believe I am slowly getting better with technique wise. When warming up at both football training and on game day, I have noticed that I am slowly adapting to changing my warm up techniques of butt kicks and high knees more towards how I do them when attending the FAST sessions. Once we were warmed up, we each got into our lanes and started with 50 metres sprints, at 90%, 3 times, with slow walk backs as recovery. We then did 70 metres, at the same intensity, reps and recovery. Then continued to 100 metres, back to 70 metres and finished with 60 metres. With each sprint, fatigue was kicking in however we all continued to put in our best performances. In the end Steve was giving me a handicap compared to the others, which improved my motivation to be competitive and try and cross the line first – sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. We finished up with the usual cool down of 60 metre run throughs, at 60%, 3 times.

On Saturday approximately 50 kids and adults participated in our Winter Wonderland sessions, with more and more parents joining in to help their kids each week. As I was walking around and taking pictures, all kids were joining in and having fun, either learning new skills or mastering their techniques they had learnt from previous weeks. Many parents were participating, either demonstrating the technique or running alongside their child. As this club is very friendly and family orientated, this is great to see everyone getting involved and helping out to make a smooth and enjoyable experience for both the kids and adults.

On Sunday, our FAST session took place at Parliament House Hill. This was my first time at this venue and with Steve away overseas, we had Luke step up and show us the ropes of the hill. After we completed the warm ups and run throughs, we walked to the bottom of the hill to complete our 130 metre sprints at 70%. We only completed the runs 4 times as it was uphill, as it was a harder track and one of our main focuses was on recovery. I found that Parliament House Hill has been my most challenging venue so far, as I was sore from football the day before and I don’t think I was fully prepared for what was required of me and I didn’t balance out my intensity and walk backs correctly. This caused my legs to feel heavy and become tight. We then started to do our usual cool down.

This week has again opened my eyes up to focus on my sprinting technique and how to manage when fatigue kicks in. I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks with both Steve and the interns.

Lindsay Mitton