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My Lap Around the Track – Week 3

This was my first experience of the athletics meets held on the weekend. The motto of the club is Family Fun and Fitness. This was really felt whole heatedly on Saturday. The Charnwood field was just buzzing with good vibes and smiling faces on both parents and kids. There was something for everyone to be involved with even if you weren’t an athlete competing yourself. There were games set up for the really little kids and their parents. To keep both the parents and little brothers and sisters of the athletes entertained whilst they were off racing. The vibe was not overly competitive but more geared towards enjoying yourself and having fun. The organization of the events and day was superb. There were a few opening day issues with technology but everything was dealt with swiftly and competently as to not disrupt proceedings. Even I was encouraged to be involved in some of the events even though I had no prior experience with the events. No one seemed to care they just wanted me to get involved be a part of the fantastic day and enjoy myself. I do recommend coming down to Charnwood fields just to be a part of that atmosphere, its electrifying and I guarantee you will enjoy yourself even if you’re not an athlete.

After my experience on the weekend with the track meets Steve approached me with an idea. He wanted me to develop a weights program for the sprint athletes to improve their strength and explosiveness. Now this development of a program is something that is directly related to my profession and interest. I was excited to get started and develop a program for a coach rather than a professor. Because a coach can give me much better practical feedback. I was also very pleased that Steve presented me with this option as a way to develop and improve my own professional skills that I would be using throughout my career. I developed the program and had him evaluate and provide feedback. Which was both constructive and interesting because yet again it was a moment where I was able to see the transfer of theoretical knowledge to practical application. This was only by week 3 and Steve had moved from the general preparation phase of training to the skill specific phase of training.