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My Lap Around the Track – Week 4

When I first met Steve for the interview about the position I had mentioned to him that I was interested in Cerebral Palsy and potentially wanting to do some research in the field. By week 4 Steve had introduced me to an athlete that had been constrained to a wheelchair due to a freak sky diving accident. With the intent of me developing a training program to teach him how to throw shotput. An opportunity like this, particularly for me is a dream come true and especially so early on. Meeting Elijah was truly an inspiration. Here is a kid that has had a passion for athletics and running his entire life. When he was younger he used to run marathons of up to 18km. He use to train by running a at least a mile every day. I have never seen a kid his age with so much motivation and drive. There was no way he was letting that wheelchair slow him down. He is truly an inspiration no matter how young or old you are there is something to be learnt from his passion for life and getting the most out of it no matter the circumstances. Then as he developed unfortunately the cerebral palsy developed to. That didn’t stop Elijah though. He still has that same passion for athletics and running, he will not let his disability hold him back. The first time I saw him he had a smile on his face and it stayed there the entire day he was at the field with everyone. He was making jokes with me and the other kids. He has a wonderfully supportive mother and family that understands his disability and his capabilities but aren’t afraid to let him push the boundaries and better himself and his disability. I look forward to working with him and seeing him develop into a competitive shot-putter and laughing alongside him as we do it.