Ginninderra Athletes make 2016 ACT National Cross Country Championships team

The National Cross Country Championships are being held at Stromlo Forest Park on Friday 19th August through to Monday 22nd August inclusive.

In the 13 years and over the ACT field both a School Sport ACT and an Athletics ACT team at this prestigious event. The following Ginninderra Tigers have been selected to represent the ACT at Nationals.

School Sport ACT team

  • Chloe Bateup
  • Hannah Cadden
  • Jacob Davill
  • Annika Wise
  • Jordan King
  • Bec Jarvis
  • Layla Rowntree (GLAC athlete)

Athletics ACT team

  • Meg Freeman
  • Rebecca Guest

Primary Schools

The complete team list for the Under 12 years competition is being requested and we will let you know the Tigers who have been selected. Here is a list of who we know have been selected so far:

  • James Lemon
  • Hayden Todd
  • Andrew Camp Liddiard
  • Ryan Cuzner
  • Chloe Smith
  • Chelsea Moroney
  • Grace Read (Belconnen LAC)
  • Bianca Kimpton

In the mean time here are the top 5 place finishes at the ACT State Cross Country Championships from Ginninderra:

  • Lucas Davill (8 Boys – 1st)
  • Claudia Todd (8 Girls – 1st)
  • Layla Raadts (8 Girls – 2nd)
  • Ella Van Den Heuvel (9 Girls – 3rd)
  • Andrew Camp Liddiard (10 Boys – 1st)
  • Ryan Cuzner (10 Boys – 5th)
  • Chloe Smith (10 Girls – 2nd)
  • Hayden Todd (11 Boys – 4th)
  • Chelsea Moroney (11 Girls – 4th)
  • James Lemon (12 Boys – 2nd)
  • Bianca Kimpton (12 Girls – 4th).

There were many more Tigers who competed and did exceptionally well at the PSSA State Championships. You can get a full results breakdown on their website.

Here’s a quick rundown from the hundreds of results from the ACT Champs. Please contact us if we missed anyone! Tried to not double up with those mentioned above already.

  • Mackenzie Francis – 2km (6th)
  • Sarah Walker – 2km (6th)
  • Jacinta Rowe – 1.5km (36th)
  • Angela Riach – 4km (10th)