Ginninderra’s Tiny Tigers – Week 7

With the Canberra winter well and truly here to stay, the focus for Tiny Tots in week 7 was simply athletics. This week we wanted our Tiny Tots to transfer the fundamental movement skills they have learned into specific athletic skills. In previous weeks the focus has been learning the basics of running, jumping and throwing, while incorporating a hint of specific athletics. Activities for this week included modified versions of discus, shotput, high jump, and of course lots of running!

With our Tiny Tots having mastered the fundamentals of how to throw, we moved onto teaching them the basics of the discus and shotput throw – two very different movements. In the firing line were the parents, holding the hoops for the kids to aim for. Our Tiny Tots displayed some great power and accuracy with their throws, and thankfully, no parents were injured. Next up was the high jump, with our Tiny Tots giving us their best crazy jump over a hurdle and onto a mat. And as always plenty of running with a Tiny Tots vs Parents race, and a 50m sprint to finish off the session. This progression is an important part of the program as it prevents the kids getting bored by challenging them with more complex movements and skills.

With only 3 weeks left of the Tiny Tots program I encourage everyone to come along and bring a friend. I’ve had an absolute blast so far and look forward to finishing the program with a bang!

Megan Mayom