My Lap Around the Track – Week 9

This weeks training sessions unfortunately got washed out so I didn’t get to see how much my athletes remembered from last weeks sessions.  However no matter this week we will have to wait and see.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoorThis week has yet again been one of new opportunities. I started a new role as coaching coordinator. My role is to guide, organise, and mentor our younger coaches. The age range of our younger coaches is between 16-22. These junior coaches are the guys that are going to start coaching the younger age groups on Tuesday and Thursday. They have been long term GInninderra members and there passion for athletics is incomparable. They are doing a great job so far its heart warming to see. It is also great to see Ginninderra offering other opportunities to their athletes beyond just training and competing. Coming from a Uni student I didn’t really know what i wanted to do with my life until much later than 16 . I have a strong suspicion that a few of these young coaches may pursue coaching as a career or at least a life long hobby.  Not  only that it has also given me the opportunity to take a mentor role on so early. Exposing me to those management and mentoring skills so early is bound to yet again make me a better and more well rounded professional.

During a coaches meeting a few weeks ago a pitched an idea to try and maybe get some more athletes from the high school age involved in athletics. I thought why not create a presentation promoting Ginninderra athletics and ask the local high school if they would mind if we presented it to their students during a school assembly. The idea was well received and I have now been put in charge of getting the ball rolling. It was really nice to have the support and autonomy from the beginning. I was also surprised that they in-trusted me with the task given it doesn’t really fall into the scope of what an exercise physiologist does, and after all I am still an intern and not yet qualified. I am so happy they did however because whilst it might not be in the traditional scope of practice, networking and project managing are important skills in the work force. So hopefully at the end of this little project Ginninderra will have plenty new members added to our Athletics family.