Intraclub at Charnwood Athletics Field

The UC Ginninderra Athletics Club holds Intraclub competitions and training at our home ground in Charnwood over summer and Club Training Days at the AIS over winter. This social and recreational competition should not be confused with the Athletics ACT’s Summer Series competition.

Intraclub events are held for the benefit of UC Ginninderra Athletics Club members only. Interested Little Athletes not aligned to another Athletics ACT club are most welcome to participate in our free weekly Open Age events after they have completed the 60s dual registration process to become a member of our Club too. Little Athletes may contact our Registrar to discus how to change their dual registration option.

Intraclub events are very family friendly, relaxed and not overly competitive. The banter in the throwing events is the most lively thing to happen in this recreational program of five events from 10:00am each Saturday starting in October and 11:30am on Sundays over Winter.

Performances at our home ground will be assessed for the prestigious “Charnies Records“. These efforts must be verified and ratified. Only members can hold a Charnie.

Older aged Athletes wanting to only participate in these Intraclub events may choose to register just as a Social Member. This can later be upgraded if the allure of the Athletics ACT Summer or Winter Series is too great.

Any Ginninderra Athletic Club member wanting to progress to an Athletics ACT event will be mentored by our senior athletes on the tips and tricks to Summer Series and major championships.