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Ginninderra supporting Athletics in the ACT

Behind every great sport there are those tireless volunteers who give their time and energy not just to keep the lights on but to further the objects and strategic vision of the Association.

Athletics has been able to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of key members of Ginninderra Athletics. Our volunteers have been representatives on the Boards and Committees of AACT and LAACT for many decades now.

This season the Club is very fortunate that David Lemon, Rory O’Sullivan, Neil Thomas and Stuart Todd are all supporting the running of LAACT. David has recently signed up again as the Finance Director, while Neil is serving his second stint as an ALAC Selector and Stuart will be the ALAC Team Manager in Tasmania next year. Rory who is a UC Marketing Undergraduate has been the Marketing and PR Director for the past year as well as a keen member of our Run_ACT Team.

At the big end of town, Hamish MacDonald is now in his second year as a Director on the Board of Athletics ACT, the peak body for the sport in Canberra. Working alongside the Board are the Competition, Selections and Officals Committees. Phil Henderson has joined Hamish on the Selections Committee, meanwhile Steve Dodt is on the Competition and Officials Committees. Two former GLAC members in Dennis Mace and Brian Sinclair are also serving AACT on Committees.

In recent years Ginninderra’s  Life Members including Helen Hopkins and Geoff Bartley  as well as Alex van der Meer Simo have served as Board Members with the Association. Continuing the long established link between the club and the Sport in the ACT.

Ginninderra Athletics is very proud of the contribution it’s members are making on and off the track. A healthy club can be seen by its contributions to the local community, its membership and the Association.

Alex appointed to Board of Directors

Rory O’Sullivan starts new Marketing and Public Relations Director role

Running with the Tigers – Week 3

This week was another amazing week with UC Ginninderra Athletics club. Learning under Steve has continued to open my eyes on the technical necessities of sprinting as well as how to coach athletes and meet their needs. This Tuesdays session involved doing wind sprints and boy were they fun. Wind sprints involved running 100m at 75-80%, then jogging back 50m as the only recovery between each run. We repeated these 8 times and as you could imagine the fatigue was setting in. This was also the first time I had tried on a pair of spikes and I have to say they feel amazing. Running with these on compared to running with normal joggers felt lighter, almost like I was flying as I ran. This helped in understanding the importance of appropriate footwear when training and that spikes I felt made it easier to keep running form and staying on the balls of your feet as your run. As well as this this session reiterate the importance of pacing yourself and as it was a hard session it is always important for the athlete to run at their own pace in order to finish the last leg. Not only is it up to the athlete but it is also up to the coach to ensure that the athletes are running at a pace that they can physically accomplish, not to fast and not to slow.

Saturday morning was the first day of the winter program which included Tiny Tots, Tiger Cubs and Winter Training. I had the absolute pleasure to be taking the Tiger Cubs with Alex through their designed program for this week. I was at a loss at first as I had never coached kids that young before, so It was an amazing experience to coach them through the fundamental movement skills used in a range of athletic events. The program was designed with multiple games aimed at addressing skills used in running, jumping and throwing with an element of stretching and an event specific activity towards the end. All the young tiger cubs seemed to have had a lot of fun during this first session and I have to admit I did to. Towards the end of the program, I was taken back by one of the kids coming up to me and thanking me which I have to say brought a massive smile to my face. At the end of the day this first session of the winter program was an awesome learning experience. I learnt through practice how to talk to the kids and that showing is better then explaining when it come to kids aged 6 to 8. Not only this but getting everyone involved including the coaches, junior coaches and the parents. The main learning point from this day was to have fun and be enthusiastic cause this will help in getting all of the kids involved and for them to have fun as well.

I would like to thank all of the junior coaches for helping on that day, the other interns, Steve and Fiona for their hard work and to the parent for getting involved and having just as much fun.

On Sunday was another session with Steve out at Stromlo Forest Park. This session was definitely one of the toughest sessions that I have ever done due to it involving running a 500m loop that included a couple hills. The idea behind this training was to focus on building and improving an athlete’s endurance levels. The key coaching aspects that I took away from this session is the importance of techniques and that arms will help drive the knees when your fatigued. Also, to modify the training session to meet the needs of every athletes. This is extremely important as this individualises the training modality to suit athletes that are injured, not use to that sort of training and for those that are of an elite level.

This week was another amazing week of learning and applying some of what I learnt. I can’t wait to see and be a part of the course of this winter program.

Jordan Green

Winter is coming

Ginninderra Athletics is coming to Winter and we are offering a new, exciting training and fitness activities for athletes of all ages starting in May 2018 under the qualified supervision of our Interns from the University of Canberra as well as experienced Coaches and Senior Athletes.

Come and enjoy in the warm and welcoming community atmosphere at the Ginninderra track at Charnwood. There are new friendships to be made, different activities to try and coaches to help develop your skills, fitness, balance and strength. There are opportunities for both individual and team pursuits. It is a place where boys and girls from as young as 3 to Masters Athletes to enjoy, have fun, connect, grow, learn, laugh and develop.

Through the enjoyment of our Winter program each and every individual will have the opportunity to feel a club that prides itself on belonging and inclusion, encourages and emphasises fun, family, development and fitness and supports each person to be the best they can be.


Tiny Tots is $80 for both terms and Tiger Cubs to Under 24s is $100. Cross Country is free to all registered members.

Masters Athletes aged 25 years and older can participate for just $10 for the entire Winter Program thanks to the support of UC Life. Do as much or as little as you like. All activities will be age and skill appropriate with people of a similar level and fitness.

Registration is now open

Returning Athlete registration

For Athletes who have a ResultsHQ Login, please sign up and register by using the Nomination process on ResultsHQ. Please read the Nomination Step by Step Guide for help.

New Athlete registration

If you do not have a ResultsHQ Login you should sign up and register using this method. Read the Online Registration – Step by Step Guide for assistance with the System.

When and Where?

Activities will be hosted on Wednesday afternoons (Tiny Tots and Cross Country) and Saturday mornings (ALL ages athletics – Tiny Tots (3-5 years), Tiger Cubs (6-8 years), Winter Track and Field – 9 years to Masters).

Athletics ACT events including High Noon and Run_ACT will also be run concurrently on a Sunday – see dates below for more details.

Winter Season Track and Field – Charnwood Athletics Field – Saturdays 9:00am to 10:00am

  • 5th May
  • 12th May
  • 19th May
  • 26th May
  • 2nd June
  • 9th June
  • 16th June
  • 23rd June
  • 30th June
  • 28th July
  • 4th August
  • 11th August
  • 18th August
  • 25th August
  • 1st September

Winter Cross Country – Wednesdays 4:45pm to 5:30pm

  • 2nd May (Charnwood)
  • 9th May (Mt Rogers)
  • 16th May (The Pinnacle)
  • 23rd May (Charnwood)
  • 30th May (Mt Rogers)
  • 6th June (The Pinnacle)
  • 13th June (Charnwood)
  • 20th June (Mt Rogers)
  • 27th June (The Pinnacle)
  • 25th July (Charnwood)
  • 1st August (Mt Rogers)
  • 8th August (The Pinnacle)
  • 15th August (Charnwood)
  • 22nd August (Mt Rogers)

High Noon (AIS Athletics Track) – Twelves years and up – Sundays 12:00pm

  • 6th May
  • 20th May
  • 17th June
  • 7th July (TBC)
  • 22nd July
  • 5th August
  • 2nd September
  • 16th September

Run_ACT Senior Series – Over 12 – Saturdays

  • 21st July
  • 4th August
  • 9th September

Run_ACT Junior Series – Under 12 – Sundays

  • 29th April – Menindee Drive, Lake Burley Griffin
  • 13th May – Lake Ginninderra
  • 27th May – Fadden Pines
  • 3rd June – Lake Ginninderra
  • 23rd June – Stromlo – Age Handicap
  • 30th June – ACT LA XC Champs – Stromlo




Running with the Tigers – Week 1

Hi, my name is Jordan Green and I am a Sports and Exercise Science/ Information Technology student from the University of Canberra. To complete my course, I am required to take on an internship where I gain practical experience within the sporting field. I was extremely lucky to have been selected by UC Ginninderra Athletics Club and to be given the opportunity to join the coaching staff. These blog posts for the coming weeks are to document my journey and experiences of being part of not only the team but part of the clubs’ family.

Within Week 0, I had the pleasure of meeting with some of the members of the coaching group including Fiona, Alex and Steve (my supervisor within the internship). I had no idea what to expect and as everyone probably noticed I was severely nervous waiting outside of the venue for them to arrive. As soon as I met them all my nerves quickly dissipated, and it felt like I was part of family from day one. We discussed many things relating to the UC Ginninderra Athletics Club and it became very clear that not only were they looking at what I have to offer to the club but that they were also offering to develop my skills and to help me reach my own personal goals. From day one it was clear how passionate everyone was and seeing this made me very excited to start.

After this initial meeting, I left with such joy and was extremely excited to be joining the Ginninderra family. The next meeting that we had was to discuss the upcoming programs that the club would be offering over the Winter season. One of these programs is the On Track Athletic Development Program that is being introduced to our Tiger Cubs. This program started out in Victoria and has been very successful in teaching the fundamental movement skills required for all athletic events, from running events all the way to throwing events. With great delight it was stated that Alex and myself would be helping to deliver this On Track program on Saturday morning. This both raised my excitement meter even higher to the point where I couldn’t stop smiling my whole way home and I was eager to start.

The first week started with a bang where I met some of the talented athletes that were part of Steve’s sprinting and hurdles squad. I did not know what to expect from this first session and to be honest, I found it very hard just during the warm up. As a soccer player that trains on a regular basis, this opened my eyes to how hard this sort of training is and to what these athletes experience. Steve as part of his mentoring allowed me to participate within the training sessions and keeping up with all the young athletes made me feel old, at 21 haha. Not only did I realise that this sort of training is hard and not easy, but I also learned a lot from the coaches’ point of view, as well as the athletes point of view.

From the coaches’ point of view, I learnt several things from the get go. From that one training session I learnt that the warm up is extremely important not only in getting the body prepared for the rest of the session, but as a technical component as well. This technical component serves to elicit muscle memory to the techniques used in running and that this technical component should be addressed at the start of the training session. I also learnt that it is extremely important to individualise the training and to coach to the strengths of the athlete. One common phrase that Steve used through the training was “run for you, not to keep up with the person to the left, right or in front of you and that your time will come where you will be the one up front”. This was very inspirational and showed the passion that Steve has. This expression of compassion was very contagious, and I started feeling extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn under him. Another element that I was told to think about when coaching was the idea of not letting the athlete go all out in the first or second lap and that pacing was important. I was told that the idea of the training was to finish 5-8 laps rather then 2-4.

From the athletes’ point of view, this strengthened the notion of pacing yourself, as I found it very easy to be tired during each lap, when you push yourself just that tiny bit too far. I also learnt that running is not all about speed and power, and that technique is what drives you forward when you start to get tired. When you start to get exhausted and your legs start to tighten, it becomes a mental game of trying to push through it to finish the lap and technique is what becomes the driving force.

Overall, I really enjoyed the first week of experiencing the training of sprinters and hurdlers. I can’t wait for the future sessions and in the not too distant future to apply the knowledge that I have.

Jordan Green

Grassroots competition in North Canberra this summer

With the AIS Athletics Track being closed, the UC Ginninderra Athletics Club is offering all athletes aged 12-years to Masters the chance to participate in the only grassroots competition in North Canberra for senior athletes this year. The Tigers are based in Belconnen on Ginninderra Drive.

There is free Club training sessions available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Charnwood Athletics Field from IAAF and Athletics Australia accredited Coaches in all event disciplines. Entry to the Track is paid by the Club through the generosity of our sponsors.

Members of the ACT Secondary Schools Track and Field team are most welcome to Come & Try with us.

Little Athletes (Under 12 to Under 17) can join the UC Tigers for free and wear their Little As uniform when competing. Older athletes have the biggest choice of registrations from grassroots social memberships to a full membership with AACT. The Club uniform is the best value in town at $25.

All registered members can choose to participate in the red track Meets being held in Woden near the Canberra Hospital while the AIS is closed too.